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Barrett&Bellamyは 30ppmvから既にいくぶん  1000ppmvぐらいからより顕著に  放射高度が 20km超ぐらいの高温域になるっていると みているように思われる。(ようわからんが、、)


Barrett&Bellamyは 15μmP枝R枝が30ppmvで成層圏下部に達し、15μmP枝R枝が1000ppmvぐらいからより顕著に  放射高度が 20km超ぐらいの高温域になるっていると みているように思われる。

From 30 ppmv CO2increasing concentration causes the Q branch and parts of the P and R branches to reverse their early trends and originate from regions of higher temperature. The explanation of this is that their emission heights are now in the stratosphere where temperature increases with increasing altitude. It can also be seen from Figure 2 that more and more emission comes from the stratosphere as the CO2concentration increases. The increase is particularly obvious from the 1000 ppmv spectrum where practically the whole of the P, Q and R structure has gone into reverse and is emitting from the stratosphere at the higher temperatures at its higher altitudes.

Barrett Bellamy Climate - The GH effect of CO2